Carabidae Carabidae of the World
Alexander Anichtchenko Latvia Conception and design of Carabidae of the World Project. Coordinator and editor. Taxonomy, phylogeny and zoogeografy of ground-beetles (Carabidae) of the World. Main groups Lebiinae, Cicindelinae 51836 pages 3841 images
Fabian Bötzl Germany Ecology, Agroecology, Ecosystem services; Photo; Taxonomy & Faunistics (mainly Cicindelinae, Amara) 30 pages 38 images
Jong-Bong Choi Republic of Korea Zoogeography, Taxonomy and phylogeny of Carabidae (esp. Korean Pen. & Cambodia); Macro photography; Endophallic structure 335 pages 69 images
Sergio Facchini Italy Taxonomy 47 pages 37 images
Curt Harden USA Anillini, Tachyini, Trechini 53 pages 10 images
Kirill Makarov Russia Immature stages, database, library, Photo. 37 pages 1218 images
Jose Marrero Spain Carabidae (Pterostichini, Platynini, etc.) taxonomy, Oriental region, Islands 362 pages 3 images
Vittorino Monzini Italy Trechinae, Photo 0 pages 226 images
Ruslan Panin W Ukraine Carabidae of Ukraine, Morphocarabus, database, photo. 1799 pages 1398 images
Dominique Roguet France Carabidae of India 3820 pages 0 images
Igor Solodovnikov Belarus Database, photo 500 pages 577 images
Kipling W. Will California, USA follow Pterostichini, Defensive Chemistry, all things carabid 58 pages 247 images
Evgeniy Chibilov Russia Programmer of initial data entry and file generation tools for the original Carabidae of the World Project 2007-2009 276 pages 14 images
Andrey Dudko Russia Programmer, support 0 pages 0 images
Sunvas 58 pages 19 images
Gianni Allegro Italy 0 pages 98 images
Trichas Apostolos Greece Photo 0 pages 1 images
Martin Baehr † Germany 0 pages 239 images
Arvids Barsevskis Latvia Notiophilus, database, library 0 pages 33 images
Nil Belonogov Russia Photo 0 pages 12 images
Vassili Belov USA Contributing Editor 0 pages 0 images
Eric van den Berghe Nicaragua Photo 0 pages 1 images
Boleslav Brezina Czech Republic Taxonomy of Carabini and Cychrini, Photo. 0 pages 554 images
Ingo Brunk Germany 9 pages 3 images
Pavel Budilov Russia Photo 0 pages 12 images
Petr Bulirsch Czech Republic Taxonomy of Scaritini, library, Photo 0 pages 66 images
Pierfranco Cavazzuti Italy Photo 0 pages 6 images
Christensen_Tim USA Images 0 pages 15 images
Armando Cicchino Argentina Carabidae of Argentina 0 pages 182 images
Anderson Arenas Clavijo Colombia Photo 0 pages 1 images
Augusto Degiovanni Italy 0 pages 54 images
Stefan Bogdan Dehelean Romania Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Taxonomy and Biology of Carabiodae. Main region Romania and the Carpathians. 4 pages 0 images
Pascal Deschamps France Photo 0 pages 134 images
Thierry Deuve France 0 pages 117 images
Aniruddha Dhamorikar India Photo 0 pages 2 images
Alexander Dostal Austria Scaritinae 0 pages 33 images
Ulf Drechsel Paraguay Photo 0 pages 8 images
Roman Dudko Russia Photo 1 pages 29 images
Arisha Ermakova Database 47 pages 0 images
Terry Erwin † USA Taxonomy 0 pages 96 images
Dmitri Fedorenko Russia Library, Photo 0 pages 193 images
Ron Felix The Netherlands Library, Photo. 0 pages 11 images
Beulah Garner UK Carabidae 0 pages 10 images
Jörg Gebert Germany Carabidae (Palearctic region), Cicindelinae (worldwide- Main Group Palearctic region): taxonomy, ecology, chorology, faunistics, live photography. 12 pages 47 images
Georg Goergen Cotonou, Benin 34 pages 23 images
Mark Golding Australia 0 pages 4 images
Henri Goulet Canada Photo 0 pages 326 images
Borislav Gueorguiev Bulgaria Photo 0 pages 36 images
Sebastian Görn Germany 1 pages 21 images
Jiří Hejkal Czech Republic Zabrini, database, library. 51 pages 2 images
Fritz Hieke † Germany Taxonomy of the genus Amara. 0 pages 0 images
Michio Hori Japan 0 pages 0 images
Charles Huber Switzerland Taxonomy of genus Nebria 0 pages 4 images
Martin Häckel Czech Republic Database, library 0 pages 81 images
Bernd Jaeger Germany Harpalini, Images 0 pages 27 images
Özgür KOÇAK Turkey Photo 0 pages 2 images
Ilya Kabak Russia Photo 0 pages 94 images
Sergey Kakunin Russia Photo 0 pages 39 images
David Kavanaugh USA 0 pages 111 images
Denis Khrapov Ukraine Photo 0 pages 36 images
Dooyoung Kim Republic of Korea Taxonomy, phylogeny, and ecology of the Korean ground beetles. 8 pages 11 images
Erich Kirschenhofer Austria Chlaeniini of the world 0 pages 1019 images
Frank Kleinfeld Germany Carabus Photo 0 pages 146 images
Anton Kozlov Russia Carabus 0 pages 9 images
Stanislav Krejcik Czech Republic Photo 0 pages 60 images
Bernard Lassalle France Database, Photo 0 pages 100 images
Jean Michel Lemaire France 0 pages 16 images
Ye Liu China Chlaeniini, Photo 1 pages 114 images
MNHN France 0 pages 33 images
Noël Mal B beetles, photos 16 pages 82 images
Shripad V. Manthen India Carabidae- Ecology and Taxonomy 0 pages 6 images
Munetoshi Maruyama Japan Photo 0 pages 8 images
Andrey Matalin Russia Taxonomy of Cicindelinae, library, Photo 0 pages 87 images
Milton Medina Philippines Cerambycidae, Carabidae 0 pages 4 images
Enésima Pereira Mendonça Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal Photo 0 pages 12 images
Anton Menstschikov Russia Photo 51 pages 59 images
Alain Mollard France Carabus photo 0 pages 263 images
Jiří Moravec Czech Republic Taxonomy of Cicindelinae. 0 pages 112 images
Pierre Moret France 0 pages 68 images
Jan Muilwijk The Netherlands Carabidae taxonomy 0 pages 84 images
Peter Nagel Switzerland Paussinae, Library 0 pages 0 images
Ashish Nimkar India Photo 0 pages 2 images
Dmitri Obydov † Russia Photo 0 pages 152 images
Amália Oliveira Portugal 29 pages 0 images
Jong-Kyun Park Korea Korean Carabidae 0 pages 6 images
Erminio Piva Italy Trechinae 0 pages 4 images
John Ponting UK Rhysodinae 60 pages 0 images
Denis Potanin Russia Photo 240 pages 23 images
Daniel Prunier France Photo 0 pages 3 images
Marek Przewozny Poland Photo 0 pages 1 images
Thibault Ramage France Library 0 pages 0 images
Iftekhar Rasool Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 0 pages 36 images
Ildefonso Ruiz-Tapiador Spain 0 pages 1 images
Enrico Ruzzier Italy Photo 0 pages 4 images
Vojtěch Rýznar Czechia Carabidae:Lebiini 0 pages 2 images
Joachim Schmidt Germany Himalayan Carabidae, Photo 0 pages 241 images
Udo Schmidt Germany Photo 0 pages 185 images
Peter Schüle Germany African Carabidae, Photo. 0 pages 468 images
Riccardo Sciaky Italy 0 pages 142 images
Aleš Sedláček Czech Republic Photo 0 pages 155 images
Hongliang Shi China Photo 0 pages 209 images
Maksim Smirnov Russia Photo 0 pages 111 images
Igor Sokolov Russia Photo 0 pages 74 images
Mieczyslaw Stachowiak Poland Taxonomy of Pogonini, library, Photo 0 pages 4 images
Sabu K Thomas India 0 pages 7 images
Mingyi Tian China 0 pages 114 images
Luca Toledano Italy Bembidiina 0 pages 6 images
Marcos Toribio Spain Carabidae Iberian peninsula. Morphology 190 pages 2 images
Letícia Vieira Brasil 0 pages 5 images
Andrey Vlasenko Russia Database, Photo 998 pages 40 images
Jürgen Wiesner Germany Worlwide Cicindelidae fauna. 0 pages 18 images
Hiraku Yoshitake Japan Photo 0 pages 760 images
Jean-Herve Yvinec France Photo 0 pages 2 images
Herbert Zettel Austria 0 pages 6 images
Evgeniy Zinoviev Russia Carabidae of Ural reg., database, library, Photo 2 pages 97 images
Jaroslav Štastny Czech Republic Photo 0 pages 1 images

The Carabidae of the World project also thanks the following organizations for their support:
Daugavpils University, Institute of Systematic Biology (Daugavpils, Latvia)
Azorean Biodiversity Group and Azorean Biodiversity Portal (Portugal)
Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia)
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