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Happy New Year of the Tiger!

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Dear Friends, Colleagues, Contributors and Visitors! I wish you Merry X-mas and happy new year of the Tiger 2022!
Sincerely, Alexander
Happy New Year of the Tiger!

Coléoptères as example of profanation of science

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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein
TARRIER (M.), 2021. – Nouvelles sous-espèces de France et d’Espagne du genre Carabus L., 1758 (Coleoptera, Carabidae)- Paru le 29 juin 2021 - Issued on June 29, 2021
Descriptions of nineteen new subspecies in the genus Carabus L., 1758, from
France and Spain: Carabus (Ctenocarabus) melancholicus tietarensis n. subsp., C.
(Oreocarabus) guadarramus hirschfelderi n. subsp., C. (Oreocarabus) guadarramus
sagranus n. subsp., C. (Mesocarabus) lusitanicus problematicoides n. subsp., C. (s. str.)
deyrollei neoreductus n. subsp., C. (Archicarabus) pseudomonticola hispanicola n. subsp.,
C. (Archicarabus) nemoralis litigiosus n. subsp., C. (Archicarabus) nemoralis
montisdiniensis n. subsp., C. (Chrysocarabus) solieri devillei n. subsp., C.
(Chrysocarabus) solieri strobinoi n. subsp., C. (Chrysocarabus) solieri teillonensis n.
subsp., C. (Chrysocarabus) solieri axiomorphus n. subsp., C. (Chrysocarabus) solieri piezus n. subsp., C. (Chrysocarabus) solieri dujardini n. subsp., C. (Chrysocarabus)
solieri rouyricus n. subsp., C. (Chrysocarabus) lateralis subsalmantinus n. subsp., C.
(Chrysocarabus) lateralis sanabriensis n. subsp., C. (Chrysocarabus) lateralis opulentior
n. subsp., C. (Macrothorax) rugosus baeticoides n. subsp.

Stop describing fake species!

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Stop describing fake species!
Under each stone does not live another species new to science.
If you follow the logic of some "specialists", then Homo sapiens can be divided into several species, and dogs into several genera.

Happy New Year of the Bull!

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Dear Friends, Colleagues, Contributors and Visitors! I wish you Merry X-mas and happy new year 2021!
Sincerely, Alexander
Happy New Year of the Bull!

Lost in Determination

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Lost in Determination

Taxonomy in 21st Century: Hobby or Business?

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Recently was published excellent paper of Fominykh, Zamotajlov, Khomitskiy & Titarenko, 2020 "Contribution to the knowledge of Carabus (Lipaster) stjernvalli Mannerheim, 1830 in the Caucasus, with description of two new subspecies (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Carabini)", "dedicated to study of variability of species Carabus (Lipaster) stjernvalli", although, in fact, the sole purpose of the work was to describe new taxa in order to sell their Paratypes.
But, this work perfectly proves that there are no differences between the previously described subspecies, as well as the newly described ones. New synonymy in the species Carabus (Lipaster) stjernvalli proposed here 12.2.2020 by A. Anichtchenko

Happy New Year of the Rat!

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Happy New Year of the Rat!

Who know this species from N India?

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Who know this species from N India?

Coleoptera for exchange

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I'm looking for Cicindelinae (especially Nearctic and Australian), Cychrini (Nearctic and from China) and Carabus from China. Quality of material is not important. For exchange I can offer huge quantity of material of Coleoptera worldwide, of all families except Carabidae. For detales please contact Alexander Anichtchenko beetl2000(*)mail.ru

Happy New Year of the Pig!

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Happy New Year of the Pig!
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