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About the taxonomic status of Сarabus (Morphocarabus) zawadzkii dissimilis

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    For the long time С. (Morphocarabus) zawadzkii dissimilis, now synonym of zawadzkii (Lorenz, 2005), was wrongly considered as C. scheidleri pseudopreyssleri Breuning, 1932, = scheidleri helleri, or in the better case as C. zawadzkii ronayi Csiki, 1906 (Puchkov, A.V., 2008. A Review of the Ground Beetles of the Genus Carabus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Ukraine. Vestnik Zoologii 42 (3); Різун В.Б., 2003. Туруни Українських Карпат. – Львів.). As I remark, the true ronayi has not any relationship to zawadzkii (http://carabidae.pro/carabidae/scheidleri-ronayi-csiki-1906.html).
    Jiri Niedl (1956) in his famous work "Monografie ceskoslovenskych druhu tribu Carabini. Cast. I." doubts about validity of subspecies status zawadzkii dissimilis, and cited C. scheidleri pseudopreyssleri from the locality where I collected С.zawadzkii dissimilis.
The taxon dissimilis is a low-mountain, western population of C. (Morphocarabus) zawadzkii. It is really hardly differs exteriorly from C. (Morphocarabus) scheidleri pseudopreyssleri because of the presence of four primary intervals of elytra, the main external differential character of C. (Morphocarabus) zawadzkii , are almos absent here. This character have only a few very large females. All intervals of elytra of dissimilis are uniform and well defined, the dots here relatively large and deep. Pronotum is more narrow than in nominative subspecies. The body color is diverse.
    It should be noted that not all specimens of C. zawadzkii s.str. have four primary intervals (on 20-30% specimens of population this character are missing). The further we go from the type locality of dissimilis (Uzhgorod), and as the rise in the mountains, the more transition features to nominative form we find. But at altitudes 200-300 m where I collected beetles in this season, there were no one sample (from near 40) similar to nominative subspecies. Other population of C. zawadzkii dissimilis was found by me in the similar habitat on the north side of Carpathians Mountains (Dobromyl district, 2006). However, it is less definite externally – only the marginal forms are differ conspicuously.

Personal comments of Ruslan Panin
Two new species of Pterostichus Bonelli subgenus Pseudoferonina Ball, are described from the mountains
of central Idaho: Pterostichus bousqueti Bergdahl [type locality = small tributaries of South Fork of Payette
River watershed, ca. 1170 m (3840 ft), 44.0675°/-115.6822°, near Lowman, Salmon River Mountains,
Boise County, Idaho, U.S.A.] and Pterostichus lolo Bergdahl [type locality = Cottonwood/Orogrande
Creek, ca. 870 m (2850 ft), 46.5528°/-115.5522°, North Fork of Clearwater River watershed, Clearwater
Mountains, near Bungalow, Clearwater County, Idaho, U.S.A.]. Males of P. bousqueti and P. lolo are easily
distinguished from each other and the seven previously described Pseudoferonina species by the form of the
median lobe of the aedeagus, and from most individuals of the other species of Pseudoferonina in Idaho by
features of pronotal shape and macrosculpture. Both species appear to be obligate ripicolous hygrophiles,
restricted in distribution primarily to the margins of small montane streams in forested areas. Widespread
intensive stream surveys for Pseudoferonina over many years indicate the geographic ranges of both species
are highly localized, and additional undescribed species may occur in Idaho.

Corrections to Rhadine

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In current research on Rhadine, I happened upon your species list and noticed several recently described species are missing. I haven't found any other way to reach the administration, so I hope this is the appropriate channel. If anyone is interested in improving or updating the species list of Rhadine, here are the omissions:

Rhadine bullis Reddell and Cokendolpher 2004
Rhadine ivyi Reddell and Cokendolpher 2004
Rhadine reyesi Reddell and Cokendolpher 2001 [sic]
Rhadine sprousei Reddell and Cokendolpher 2004

Also, R. pelaezi was deliberately omitted from Rhadine by Barr 1982 and left in Platynus.

I am only occasionally on the internet in this capacity, but if there is a desire for occasional additions or corrections, someone should e-mail me and let me know how to go about it properly.


Robert L. Davidson
Section of Invertebrate Zoology
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh PA USA 15213

Welcome to Carabidae of the World

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Happy New Year 2012!

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The year of the Dragon
Especial thank and best regards for all Authors and Participants of our project Carabidae of the World!
Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

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    Carabidae of the World welcomes inquiries from publishers interested in adding content to our free access Library. We are extremely grateful to those journals that have given us permission to use PDFs and images in the Carabidae of the World project.
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Happy New Year (2010)

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Happy New Year (2010)

Happy New Year 2009

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Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year (2008)!

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Happy New Year (2008)!
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