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Happy New Year of Goat!

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Happy New Year of Goat!
Happy New Year of Goat!

Need material of Barysomus for study

Published: 05 May 2014 11:480 commentsPublished by:
We are started to work on revision of New World carabid harpaline genus Barysomus. We borrowed most of the types (last one from St. Petersburg I will obtain in October). I asked some museums (Berlin, London, Washington etc.) for the material (both determined and undetermined). If somebody will willing to borrow material, it could be safety sent to my museum address, questions to my e-mail (petrbanar@seznam.cz).
Petr Baňař

For participants and visitors

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All you have good photos of interesting species.
Why do not you send them and help the common cause?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of the Horse!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of the Horse!

Statistics Aug 22 - Sep 21, 2013

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More than 6000 visitors per month
Thanks for your help and cooperation!

Authorship and co-authorship

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I’m looking to strengthen our team with a new editors.

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This role demands scientists and the real fans of the beetles to develop this project yet further.
Administrators may change any content in database and make decisions about the future development of the Carabidae of the World project (Administrator's log-in required).
Please volunteer.

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For participants and visitors

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1. Project participants as well as wishing to join, send the administrator information and photos for personal pages.
2. All you have good photos of interesting species. Why do not you send them and help the common cause?

Happy New Year of the Black Water Snake!

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Happy New Year of the Black Water Snake!

To the knowledge of Carabus (Morphocarabus) exellens

Published: 10 October 2011 10:10Category: Contribute0 commentsPublished by:
    For the long time the taxon frivaldskyi Kraatz, 1887 was wrongly considered as the subspecies of Carabus (Morphocarabus) excellens or Carabus (Morphocarabus) scheidleri. Also was erroneously cited for Moldova (Nekuliseanu Z.Z. & Matalin A.V., 2000. A catalogue of the ground-beetles of the Republic of Moldova (Insecta, Coleoptera: Carabidae). Pensoft: Sofia-Moscow, 164 p.; Puchkov, A.V., 2008. A Review of the Ground Beetles of the Genus Carabus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Ukraine. Vestnik Zoologii 42 (3); Lassalle B., 2011. Liste des Carabes du Monde, part. 9. online publication)

    The taxon was described as a form of the Carabus (Morphocarabus) scheidleri excellens var. frivaldskyi (with 4 primary intervals) from Galicia (NW Podolia), = W Ukraine. At present this taxon is rightly considered a synonym of exellens (Brezina B., 2008. Carabus checklist).
    The form I found in nominative population of the species near Zolocziv at 2008 (W Ukraine) and in SE Ukraine: Andreevka, Dnipropetrovsk region. There are founds in next regional populations probable, including Moldova.

    Personal comments of Ruslan Panin
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