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Mecyclothorax tutei Liebherr, 2012

Mecyclothorax tutei Liebherr, 2012
Mecyclothorax tutei Liebherr, 2012 Holotype
Female adult
French Polynesia: Tahiti Nui / Mt. Mauru cloud for. 1080 / m el. 20-IX-2006 lot 03 / 17°37.916'S, 149°22.318'W / pyrethrin fog fern frond / tangles C.P. Ewing // HOLOTYPE / Mecyclothorax / tutei / J.K. Liebherr 2012 (black-bordered red label). (MNHN).
Image of James K. Liebherr
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Countries and regions
Polynesia (Tahiti)
MNHN ‐ Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (France, Paris)
Most similar to Mecyclothorax cooki Perrault, sharing: 1, moderately transverse pronotum, MPW/PL = 1.25; 2, straight to slightly sinuate pronotal lateral margin anterad obtusely rounded hind angle; 3, well-indicated parascutellar striole; 4, transverse-mesh elytral microsculpture; 5, two dorsal elytral setae; and 6, convex elytral intervals. Both species are characterized by a 2221 setal formula, however the pronotal hind angles are more rounded in Mecyclothorax tutei and the pronotal base more constricted; MPW/BPW = 1.42 for Mecyclothorax tutei, versus 1.37 for Mecyclothorax cooki. Standardized body length is somewhat smaller in Mecyclothorax tutei; 5.3 mm versus 5.7 mm for Mecyclothorax cooki. (Liebherr, 2012).
The lone specimen of this species was found in tangles of living and dead fern fronds in low-stature wet montane Weinmannia and Metrosideros forest at 1080 m elevation. The beetle was collected from a beating sheet held under fronds that were sprayed with synthetic pyrethrin. The single specimen of Mecyclothorax toretore and a series of Mecyclothorax pirihao were also found using this method at this elevation. (Liebherr, 2012).
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