Carabidae Carabidae of the World

Subfamily Scaritinae Bonelli, 1810

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Clivina (Clivina) fossor fossor (Linnaeus, 1758)
Clivina (Clivina) fossor fossor (Linnaeus, 1758)
Male adult
length: 5,5-7 mm
Germania, Oberfranken, Selbitz
leg.det. U.Schmidt, 1977
Foto: U.Schmidt, 2007

Copyright © U.Schmidt
Dyschirius (Chiridysus) euxinus Znojko, 1927a
Dyschirius (Chiridysus) euxinus Znojko, 1927a
Male adult
Volgogrda Area, Pallasovka Distr., N coast of Elton Lake, right bank of Khara River, 3 km upstream of the mouth, Salina on fl oodplain terrace Barber traps 10-20.IV.2007 leg. A.Matalin
Copyright © Kirill Makarov
Setodyschirius zonatus (Putzeys, 1868)Caledyschirius baehri Bulirsch, 2010
Caledyschirius baehri Bulirsch, 2010 Holotype
Female adult
New Caledonia 11163/ 21°22´S x 165°20´E. 1400 m/ Me
Maoya, nr summit./ 12 Nov 2002. Burwell &/ Monteith. pyreth, trees & logs, (MNHN).
Copyright © Petr Bulirsch
Halocoryza acapulcana Whitehead, 1966
Halocoryza acapulcana Whitehead, 1966
Male adult
2.4mm, ADP127171; Acapulco, México
Photo T.Erwin
Copyright © ---
Dyschirius (Dyschiriodes) yezoensis Bates, 1883: 223Parathlibops cf. minor-glabriventris
Parathlibops cf. minor-glabriventris
Male adult
Philippines, Mindanao, Intavas Bukidnon, March 2014 det. Anichtchenko A., 2014
Copyright © Alexander Anichtchenko
Ochyropus gigas Schiodte, 1847
Ochyropus gigas Schiodte, 1847
Male adult
The Democratic Republic of the Congo. Image from: Mal, N., Drumont, A., Kerkhof, S. & P. Grootaert, 2012. Pictorial beetle collection of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.
Copyright © - - -
Crepidopterus geayi Jeannel, 1946
Crepidopterus geayi Jeannel, 1946
Male adult
MADAGASCAR, Tulear Prov., nr. Tsimanampetsotsa NP, P. Schüle det.
Copyright © Peter Schüle
Oxygnathus ferrugineus Bulirsch, 2016
Oxygnathus ferrugineus Bulirsch, 2016 Holotype
Female adult
Myanmar, Sagaing State / Htamanthi Wildlife Reserve / Base Camp, BBC Expedition / N 25°17´40.3´´, E 95°27´43.3´´ / 10-21.iii.2013, Dr. RW Pipper Coll. // BMNH(E) / 1516547, (BMNH). 8.8 mm
Copyright © Petr Bulirsch
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