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Mecyclothorax pirihao Liebherr, 2012

Mecyclothorax pirihao Liebherr, 2012
Mecyclothorax pirihao Liebherr, 2012 Paratype
Male adult
SOCIETY ISLANDS: Tahiti Nui; Mauru, pylon 3 to 4, 1010 m el., 17°38.08'S, 149°22.07'W, beating Blechnum fern, 05-ix-2006 lot 03, Liebherr (CUIC)
Image of James K. Liebherr
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Countries and regions
Polynesia (Tahiti)
This species and Mecyclothorax spinosus Perrault share the characteristics of: 1, two supraorbital setae and two dorsal elytral setae, therefore a setal formula of 2121; 2, deep, smooth and complete elytral striae 1–8; 3, regular transverse-mesh elytral microsculpture and feeble transverse microsculpture on the pronotal disc; and 4, sparsely punctate pronotal median base, the punctures small and separated by glossy areas with indistinct microsculpture. However the species can be easily distinguished by the pronotal hind angles, which are obtuse-rounded in this species versus acute and distinctly projected in Mecyclothorax spinosus (Perrault 1989: fig. 22). The pronotal median base is also narrower in this species, MPW/BPW = 1.83–1.90 (n = 5), versus 1.59 –1.63 (n = 2) in Mecyclothorax spinosus. The male aedeagal median lobe apex is also dramatically different: downturned with a slight ventral projection in this species, versus dorsally spinose in Mecyclothorax spinosus (Perrault 1989: fig. 13). Finally, individuals of this species are larger; standardized body length 4.2–5.0 mm, versus 4.1 mm for Mecyclothorax spinosus. (Liebherr, 2012).
This is the most commonly encountered, and most broadly distributed species within the elevational range so far sampled on Mauru, having been collected in habitats at 880–1110 m elevation. However, 20 of the 22 specimens were collected in association with ferns of either the genus Blechnum or Dicranopteris, and only 2 were associated with flowering plants; a mixed beating sample from Weinmannia, Myrsine, and Melicope (Liebherr, 2012).
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