Carabidae Carabidae of the World

Subtribe Peleciina sensu stricto

Pelecium (Pelecium) drakei Quedenfeldt, 1890
Pelecium (Pelecium) drakei Quedenfeldt, 1890
Male adult
Paraguay, Dep. Boqueron, Estancia La Paz, S21.01 W59.47 2-4.I.2010
leg. U.Drechsel
photo, det. & coll. Anichtchenko A. 2010
Copyright © Alexander Anichtchenko
Disphericus sp.Dyschiridium sp.
Dyschiridium sp.
Male adult
det. K. Makarov
Copyright © Kirill Makarov
Dyschiridium belovi Fedorenko, 2014
Dyschiridium belovi Fedorenko, 2014 Paratype
Male adult
S Vietnam, Dak Lak Prov[ince]. / Chu Yang Sin Nat[io]n[al]. Park, 12°222 403N 108°212113E / 1.5 km W of Chu Pan Phan Mt / h=1650 m [asl], 30.III–11.IV.2012 / leg. D. Fedorenko
Copyright © Fedorenko
Stricteripus baenningeri (Straneo, 1953)
Stricteripus baenningeri (Straneo, 1953)
Male adult
Panama, Darien Nat. Park, Cerro Pirre, Rancho Plastico, 12.I.2017, Anichtchenko A. leg. & det. (Compared with Type)
Copyright © Alexander Anichtchenko
Harpaliens (en parte), Dejean, 1829: 7.
Panagaeites (en parte), Brulle, 1837: 34; Castelnau de Laporte y Brulle, 1840: 134.
Stomides (en parte), Chaudoir, 1846: 511.
Peleciini Horn, 1881: 165, 170. Genero tipo Pelecium Kirby, 1817
Peleciinae Bates, 1881: 39.
Peleciidae Jeannel, 1942: 299. 1948: 376.
Disphaericini Sloane, 1923: 244. Gen. tipo: Disphaericus Waterhouse, 1842
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