Carabidae Carabidae of the World

Tribe Migadopini Chaudoir, 1861

Parent taxa
Calyptogonia atra Sloane, 1920
Calyptogonia atra Sloane, 1920
Female adult
Grove, S.J. (2010). Tasmanian Forest Insect Collection web-site
Copyright © Simon Grove
Stichonotus leai Sloane, 1910
Stichonotus leai Sloane, 1910
Male adult
Grove, S.J. (2010). Tasmanian Forest Insect Collection web-site
Copyright © Simon Grove
Countries and regions
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Roig-Juñent, S. 2004. South American Migadopini (Coleoptera: Carabidae): description of male and female genitalia and phylogenetic and biogeographic considerations. Acta entomológica chilena, 28: 7-29. [in Spanish, with English abstract]
Larochelle, A.; Larivière, M.-C. 2001: Carabidae (Insecta: Coleoptera): catalogue. Fauna of New Zealand, (43)
Waterhouse, G.R. 1842: Carabideous Insects collected by Charles Darwin, Esq., during the Voyage of Her Majesty's Ship Beagle. Annals and magazine of natural history, 9: 134-139, plate III.
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