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Calosoma (Callistenia) luxatus Say, 1823

Calosoma (Callistenia) luxatus Say, 1823
Calosoma (Callistenia) luxatus Say, 1823
Male adult
Mackenzie Flight, SI-EOL Intern; TL Erwin Lab, NMNH
Copyright © Mackenzie Flight
Calosoma striatulus LECONTE, 1859, p. 4. Type: Milk River, Montana.
Callisthenes diffractus CASEY, 1913, p. 75. Type: New Mexico.
Callisthenes utensis CASEY, 1920, p. 165. Type: Stockton, Utah.
Callisthenes semotus CASEY, 1920, p. 166. Type: Stockton, Utah
pimelioides Walker, 1866: 312 Type: Vancouver Island.
Callisthenes tegulatus CASEY, 1913, p. 72. Type: California.
Callisthenes viator CASEY, 1913, p. 72. Type: California.`
Callisthenes pustulosus CASEY, 1913, p. 73. Type: Yreka, California.
Callisthenes reflexus CASEY, 1920, p. 164. Type: Northern Rocky Mountains.
Callisthenes parowanus CASEY, 1920, p. 167. Type: Parowan, Utah.
zimmermanni LeConte, 1848: 445 Type: Northern Rocky Mountains.
Carabus opacus GEHIN, 1885, p. 70. Type: Oregon.
Callisthenes exaratus CASEY, 1913, p. 12. Type: Placer County, California.
Callisthenes debilis CASEY, 1920, p. 169. Type: Oregon.
Calosoma zimmermanni tahoensis VAN DYKE, 1943, p. 18. Type: Lake Tahoe, California.
Countries and regions
Canada, United States (Arizona; California; Colorado; Idaho; Montana; Nebraska; New Mexico; Oregon; Utah; Washington; Wyoming)
Type: Arkansas River, Colorado.
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