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Lebia (Nematopeza) immaculata Boheman, 1848

Lebia (Nematopeza) immaculata Boheman, 1848
Lebia (Nematopeza) immaculata Boheman, 1848
Male adult
Ethiopia, Southern Arba Minch 1380 m, 14-19.V.2012, LF Nähe Nechisar NP, N05°59’56 E037°32’54, leg. Oliver Bittner
det. Anichtchenko A. 2012
9 mm
Copyright © Alexander Anichtchenko
erythrodera (Chaudoir, 1871)
Countries and regions
Ethiopia, Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe
Head black, closely punctulate, antennae rufescent with the two
basal joints redder; labrum and palpi slightly reddish; prothorax
dark reddish brown, one-third broader than long, with the anterior
part of the outer sides much rounded, closely punctulato-plicate and
finely grooved in the centre ; elytra a little lighter in colour than
the prothorax, nearly twice as broad at the base and nearly four
times as long, with the outer sides nearly straight, moderately flat,
narrowly striate, with the median part of the intervals subcarinate
under side ferruginous-red ; apical abdominal segments infuscate
; legs ferruginous red, with the tibiae darker than the femora. Length
8 mm. ; width 3-4 mm.
Hab. Natal (D'Urban), teste Chaud. ; Mashunaland (Salisbury).
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