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Mecyclothorax fatata Liebherr, 2012

Mecyclothorax fatata Liebherr, 2012
Mecyclothorax fatata Liebherr, 2012 Paratype
Female adult
photo J.K. Liebherr 2012
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Countries and regions
Polynesia (Society Islands)
MNHN ‐ Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (France, Paris)
Holotype male (MNHN), labeled: FRENCH POLYNESIA: / Moorea Tohiea
summit / 12–IX–2006 lot 07 / S17°33.03', W149°49.33' / el. 1150–1200 m beating
/ flowering Myrsine after / dark J.K. Liebherr // HOLOTYPE / Mecyclothorax / fatata
/ J.K. Liebherr 2012 (black–bordered red label).
Allotype female (MNHN), labeled as holotype but with black–bordered red ALLOTYPE
Other Paratypes. SOCIETY ISLANDS. Moorea: Tohiea summit, 1125–1200 m
el., S17°33.03', W149°49.33', 12–ix–2006 lot 01, beating Myrsine + ferns, Liebherr
(CUIC, 2); 1125 m el., S17°33.07', W149°49.38', 12–ix–2006 lot 02, pyrethrin fog
Weinmannia, moss + roots, Liebherr (CUIC, 1); summit along ridge to west, 1190–
1207 m el., S17°33.04', W149°49.34', 24–ix–2009, beating Myrsine, MBIO 5857,
Ewing (EMEC, 1); muddy gulch on trail, 1170 m el., S17°33.08', W149°49.31',
25–ix–2009, pyrethrin fog mossy tree, MBIO 5853, Ewing (CUIC, 1); 1150 m el.,
S17°33.08', W149°49.31', 25–ix–2009, pyrethrin fog mossy tree trunk, MBIO 5859,
Ewing (EMEC, 1).
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