Carabidae Carabidae of the World

Tribe Dyschiriini W. Kolbe, 1880

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Akephorus obesus (LeConte, 1866)
Akephorus obesus (LeConte, 1866)
Male adult
Copyright Henri Goulet, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Copyright © Henri Goulet
Dyschirius (Chiridysus) euxinus Znojko, 1927a
Dyschirius (Chiridysus) euxinus Znojko, 1927a
Male adult
Volgogrda Area, Pallasovka Distr., N coast of Elton Lake, right bank of Khara River, 3 km upstream of the mouth, Salina on fl oodplain terrace Barber traps 10-20.IV.2007 leg. A.Matalin
Copyright © Kirill Makarov
Caledyschirius baehri Bulirsch, 2010
Caledyschirius baehri Bulirsch, 2010 Holotype
Female adult
New Caledonia 11163/ 21°22´S x 165°20´E. 1400 m/ Me
Maoya, nr summit./ 12 Nov 2002. Burwell &/ Monteith. pyreth, trees & logs, (MNHN).
Copyright © Petr Bulirsch
Dyschirius (Dyschiriodes) cylindricus (Dejean, 1825)Dyschirius (Antidyschirius) laevifasciatus G.Horn, 1878
Dyschirius (Antidyschirius) laevifasciatus G.Horn, 1878
Male adult
Photographer: Beatriz Gimenez de Cordoba; SI-EOL Intern; TL Erwin Lab, NMNH
Copyright © ---
Dyschirius (Dyschiriodes) yezoensis Bates, 1883: 223Cribrodyschirius dostalianus Bulirsch, 2013
Cribrodyschirius dostalianus Bulirsch, 2013 Holotype
Male adult
Zambia C/ 100-140km NE of Kapiri/ Mposhi, ATB Lodge env./ 15.xii.2004/ Snížek, Tichý leg., (Alexander Dostal, private collection).
2,57 mm
Copyright © Petr Bulirsch
Dyschirius (Dyschirius) sevanensis Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1962Reicheiodes (Reicheiodes) lederi (Reitter, 1888)Dyschiriodes (Dyschiriodes) neresheimeri Wagner, 1915: 241
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