Carabidae Carabidae of the World

Subgenus Castrida Motschulsky, 1865

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Calosoma (Castrida) alternans granulatum Perty, 1830
Calosoma (Castrida) alternans granulatum Perty, 1830
Female adult
Argentina, Entre Rios,
Liebig, nov.1997
long. 32 mm
photo, det. & coll. Anichtchenko A. 2009
Copyright © Alexander Anichtchenko
Calosoma (Castrida) vagans Dejean,
Calosoma (Castrida) vagans Dejean,
Male adult
Chile, Santiago de Chile, Quilicura
19.9.1991 G. Aceituno leg.
male, 21 mm
Copyright © Alexander Anichtchenko
Calosoma (Castrida) leleuporum (Basilewsky, 1968)
Calosoma (Castrida) leleuporum (Basilewsky, 1968) Holotype
Male adult
Picture: Camille Locatelli, Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-3 Belspo Licence: CC BY NC ND http://virtualcollections.naturalsciences.be
Copyright © - - -
Castrida MOTSCHULSKY, 1865, p. 300. Type: Calosoma sayi Dejean.
Callistriga MOTSCHULSKY, 1865, p. 307. Type: Carabus retusum Fabricius.
Calamata MOTSCHULSKY, 1865, p. 307. Type: Calamata rugatum Motschulsky.Camedula Motschulsky, 1866
Acampalita LAPOUGE, 1929, p. 9. Type: Calosoma vagans Dejean.
Catastriga LAPOUGE, 1929, p. 9. Type: Calosoma trapezipenne Chaudoir.Microcalosoma Breuning, 1927
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