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Mecyclothorax anaana Liebherr, 2012

Mecyclothorax anaana Liebherr, 2012
Mecyclothorax anaana Liebherr, 2012 Paratype
Male adult
SOCIETY ISLANDS: Tahiti Nui; Mauru, above pylon 4, 17°38.06'S, 149°22.15'W, 1100 m el., beating Myrsine/mossy vegetation, 05-ix-2006 lot 02, Liebherr, (CUIC)
Image of James K. Liebherr
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Countries and regions
Polynesia (Tahiti)
CUIC ‐ Ithaca, Cornell University (USA, New York); MNHN ‐ Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (France, Paris)
This species is closest to Mecyclothorax hemisphaericus Perrault, sharing much reduced dorsal microsculpture, very shallow eytral striae and flat elytral intervals, and two supraorbital setae. However this species deviates from Mecyclothorax hemisphaericus by the presence of two dorsal elytral setae; setal formula 2121 versus 2111 for Mecyclothorax hemisphaericus. Standardized body length ranges 3.7–4.2 mm in this species versus 3.5–3.9 mm for Mecyclothorax hemisphaericus (n = 2, NHMB). The male aedeagus differs also, with the apex of the median lobe narrowly extended and downturned in this species (Fig. 5C) versus expanded both dorsally and ventrally, and no more downturned than the more basal portion of the shaft in Mecyclothorax hemisphaericus (Perrault 1989, fig. 11). (Liebherr, 2012).
This species has been found from 960–1110 m elevation, with beetles living arboreally on a variety of plants; Weinmannia, Myrsine, Melicope, and ferns. Two individuals were collected in a pyrethrin fog sample made along a bank of live and dead Blechnum and Dicranopteris ferns. (Liebherr, 2012).
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