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07 July 2014 14:38, codsld

Although I specialize in Scarabaeidae (with T. Branco, J-F Josso & Y. Cambefort), Cicindelidae (with K. Werner) and Histeridae (with Y. Gomy) I am not a taxonomist, more an ecologist and biologist. However I am interested in putting Malawi's invertebrate biodiversity on the "map" via the use of the internet.

As part of Malawi joining the CBD in 1994 Malawi was required to make an assessment of its biodiversity (among other documents). My report to the World Bank, "Indigenous Animals: Invertebrates" was completed in 1997. As this required considerable work corresponding with authorities, reviewing numerous publications (1,245) and examining many specimens in international (European and South African) museums, I have attempted to expand and up date the list. As expected, due to the wide range of invertebrate taxa (Porifera-Arthropoda), there obviously will be some mistakes with regards to spelling, nomenclature and taxonomic classification.

What I would like to find out would be whether you would like a copy of my Malawi Cerambycidae list and, if so, in what form (PDF, Excel or Word)?

Professor Cornell Dudley (retired)
Department of Biology
Chancellor College
University of Malawi

07 July 2014 14:43, codsld

PS: My Malawi list of species for the families Carabidae and Cicindelidae number 149 and 76 respectively. Would these be of any interest?

Cornell Dudley
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