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To the knowledge of Carabus (Morphocarabus) exellens

Published: 10 October 2011 10:10Category: ContributePublished by: PaninViews: 5021
    For the long time the taxon frivaldskyi Kraatz, 1887 was wrongly considered as the subspecies of Carabus (Morphocarabus) excellens or Carabus (Morphocarabus) scheidleri. Also was erroneously cited for Moldova (Nekuliseanu Z.Z. & Matalin A.V., 2000. A catalogue of the ground-beetles of the Republic of Moldova (Insecta, Coleoptera: Carabidae). Pensoft: Sofia-Moscow, 164 p.; Puchkov, A.V., 2008. A Review of the Ground Beetles of the Genus Carabus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Ukraine. Vestnik Zoologii 42 (3); Lassalle B., 2011. Liste des Carabes du Monde, part. 9. online publication)

    The taxon was described as a form of the Carabus (Morphocarabus) scheidleri excellens var. frivaldskyi (with 4 primary intervals) from Galicia (NW Podolia), = W Ukraine. At present this taxon is rightly considered a synonym of exellens (Brezina B., 2008. Carabus checklist).
    The form I found in nominative population of the species near Zolocziv at 2008 (W Ukraine) and in SE Ukraine: Andreevka, Dnipropetrovsk region. There are founds in next regional populations probable, including Moldova.

    Personal comments of Ruslan Panin

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