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Published: 04 April 2014 21:26Category: ContributePublished by: AnichtchenkoViews: 8897
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10 October 2014 16:55, andersonarenas

Hey Guys! I have some pics of Colombian specimens, now i'm trying to publish them in a local journal, but i don't know if I can release them before they get published, what do you recommend?

06 June 2014 03:57, lennyworthington

Why am I always having trouble with this si
tried to register for cerambycidae but after 7 tries at this failed
I dont know why I am doing this you did not reply last time

Added after 1 minite13 seconds:
very outdated I have several species from Thailand not here

05 May 2014 12:00, rehman_azeemi

Hello all,
i found Anthia mannerheimi afghana from Pakistan in 35 specimens

05 May 2014 07:31, lennyworthington

too complicated for me cant upload
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