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Need carabid literature?

Published: 03 March 2015 15:00Published by: AnichtchenkoViews: 4349
Need carabid literature? We have dozens of gigabytes of digitized publications.
To make this bounty available to you we are considering adding a
Library section (with subscription-based access).
To cover the software development costs and have the files uploaded,
we need money.
If you are interested, click the Donate button at the left.
Any amount will be appreciated. Thank you!

I would like to thank two person for your contribution. Your financial support helps us continue in our mission. The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for our project to exist. To get to work, we need to score at least 50% of the amount. Thanks to you, we already have 7%.
Thank you again for your support!
Sincerely, Alexander
Visitors comments

04 April 2015 11:08, Ravi_kumar3566

This is a nice step for the development of Carabidology.

Good Luck !
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