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Chlaenius (Rhysotrachelus) eugrammus Basilewsky, 1947Asaphidion indicum (Chaudoir, 1850)
Asaphidion indicum (Chaudoir, 1850)
Male adult
India, Uttarakhand, Nainital distr., Peora vill. env., 1950m, 20.X-6.XI.2003, S. Saluk leg. det. Anichtchenko A. 2015 3.8 mm
Copyright © Alexander Anichtchenko
Apristus subtransparens Motschulsky, 1861
Apristus subtransparens Motschulsky, 1861
Male adult
South India, Pondicherry St., Karikal
Copyright © Gianni Allegro
Apristus poussereaui Giachino & Allegro, 2015
Apristus poussereaui Giachino & Allegro, 2015 Holotype
Male adult
La Réunion, Saint-Gilles-lesBains, 14.11.2012, verger de Manguier, tombé dans un piège fosse (MNHN).
Copyright © Gianni Allegro
Pterostichus (Pledarus) gibbicollis (Motschulsky, 1844)Chlaenius (Amblygenius) victoriae Kirschenhofer, 2009
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) victoriae Kirschenhofer, 2009 Holotype
Female adult
N. O. Victoria, Nyassa, (Kawirondo?), O. Neumann S./Chl. victoriae n.sp. Kuntzen (MNHUB).
Copyright © Erich Kirschenhofer
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) lapillus Basilewsky, 1949
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) lapillus Basilewsky, 1949 Holotype
Female adult
Tanganyika Territory [Sambia]: Mpangwe (MRAC)
Copyright © Erich Kirschenhofer
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) elongatulus Kirschenhofer, 2009
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) elongatulus Kirschenhofer, 2009 Holotype
Female adult
Njassasee Afr. Or [Malawi]/B.H. Klynstra (MRA).
Copyright © Erich Kirschenhofer
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) pseudocupreolus Kirschenhofer, 2010
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) pseudocupreolus Kirschenhofer, 2010 Holotype
Male adult
Burkina Faso, Pama, 24. – 28.VIII.2005, 11°17`00`N, 0°42`59È, 232 m, Philippe Moretto leg. (CollPS).
Copyright © Erich Kirschenhofer
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) brunnescens Kirschenhofer, 2009
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) brunnescens Kirschenhofer, 2009 Holotype
Female adult
Njassasee Afr. Or. (MRA).
Copyright © Erich Kirschenhofer
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) liocephalus (Basilewsky, 1952)Anophthalmus schmidtii insignis J. Muller, 1912: 299
Anophthalmus schmidtii insignis J. Muller, 1912: 299
Male adult
W-Slovenia, Dinaric Alps, Trnovo Forest Plateau, Lokve env., 2.V-16.X.2010, M. Egger leg. L=8 mm
Copyright © Ruslan Panin
Pterostichus (Pledarus) larisae Sundukov, 2013
Pterostichus (Pledarus) larisae Sundukov, 2013
Female adult
Russian Far East, Primorskii krai, Lazovskii district, 2 km NW Preobrazhenie, mouth of Sokolovka River 28.07.2005 leg. K.Makarov
Copyright © Kirill Makarov
Chlaenius (Amblygenius) latesternalis (Basilewsky, 1956)

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Now Available: Author Statistics for Carabidae.org

Published: 06 June 2015 09:10Category: Our news0 commentsPublished by:
Now Available: Author Statistics for Carabidae.org http://carabidae.org/the-authors

Need carabid literature?

Published: 03 March 2015 17:001 commentPublished by: Anichtchenko
Need carabid literature? We have dozens of gigabytes of digitized publications.
To make this bounty available to you we are considering adding a
Library section (with subscription-based access).
To cover the software development costs and have the files uploaded,
we need money.
If you are interested, click the Donate button at the left.
Any amount will be appreciated. Thank you!

I would like to thank three person for your contribution. Your financial support helps us continue in our mission. The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for our project to exist. To get to work, we need to score at least 50% of the amount. Thanks to you, we already have 15 %.
Thank you again for your support!
Sincerely, Alexander

Happy New Year of Goat!

Published: 12 December 2014 12:47Category: Contribute1 commentPublished by:
Happy New Year of Goat!
Happy New Year of Goat!

New Web-project "Cerambycidae of the World" Launch!

Published: 06 June 2014 14:22Category: Our news2 commentsPublished by:
We have launched a new website "Cerambycidae of the World" http://cerambycidae.org/

Need material of Barysomus for study

Published: 05 May 2014 14:480 commentsPublished by:
We are started to work on revision of New World carabid harpaline genus Barysomus. We borrowed most of the types (last one from St. Petersburg I will obtain in October). I asked some museums (Berlin, London, Washington etc.) for the material (both determined and undetermined). If somebody will willing to borrow material, it could be safety sent to my museum address, questions to my e-mail (petrbanar@seznam.cz).
Petr Baňař

Opened gallery!

Published: 05 May 2014 16:02Category: Site News0 commentsPublished by:
After a long wait, we are pleased to announce that finally opened a new gallery

For participants and visitors

Published: 04 April 2014 00:26Category: Contribute4 commentsPublished by:
All you have good photos of interesting species.
Why do not you send them and help the common cause?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of the Horse!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of the Horse!

Statistics Aug 22 - Sep 21, 2013

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More than 6000 visitors per month
Thanks for your help and cooperation!

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