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Genus Trechus Clairville, 1806: 22

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Trechus (Trechus) amplicollis Fairmaire, 1859
Trechus (Trechus) amplicollis Fairmaire, 1859
Female adult
W-Ukraine, Subcarpathian,
Lviv Region, Stryi distr., Site Biletskyi forest, near Pyatnychany vill., 28.V-1.VII.2011, Panin R. leg./det.Rizun.V.B.
L=4.5 mm

Copyright © Ruslan Panin
Trechus (Trechus) schyberosiae Szallies & Schüle, 2011
Trechus (Trechus) schyberosiae Szallies & Schüle, 2011 Holotype
Male adult
Kanton Luzern, Schrattenfluh, unterhalb Hengst, 2100 m, 14.6.2009, leg. A. Szallies (NMBE).
Drawing Peter Schuele
Copyright © Peter Schüle
Trechus (Trechus) carrilloi Toribio et Rodriguez, 1997: 283Trechus (Trechus) apicalis Motschulsky, 1845b: 347
Trechus (Trechus) apicalis Motschulsky, 1845b: 347
Male adult
Photo of Henri Goulet
Copyright © Henri Goulet
Trechus (Trechus) arnoldii Belousov, 1987: 594Trechus (Trechus) championi Jeannel, 1920d: 109
Trechus (Trechus) championi Jeannel, 1920d: 109
Male adult
India, Uttarakhand, 13-15.04.2012, Uttarkashi distr., N30°57'41.57", E78°41'54.75" left tributary of Bhagirathi riv., 2300 m, Anichtchenko A. leg. det. Anichtchenko A.
Copyright © Alexander Anichtchenko
Trechus (Epaphius) nigricornis Motschulsky, 1844Trechus (Epaphius) rivularis (Gyllenhal, 1810)
Trechus (Epaphius) rivularis (Gyllenhal, 1810)
Female adult
det. K. Makarov
Copyright © Kirill Makarov
Trechus (Trechus) plicatulus L. Miller, 1868
Trechus (Trechus) plicatulus L. Miller, 1868
Male adult
W Ukraine, NE Carpathians, Chornagora Mt Range, alpin zone, 11.VI-1.IX.2015, Panin R. & Kanarsky Yu. leg. L=4.8 mm
Copyright © Ruslan Panin
Trechus (Trechus) pseudomontanellus Rizun, 1994
Trechus (Trechus) pseudomontanellus Rizun, 1994
Male adult
W Ukraine, NE Carpathians,Transcarpathian Reg., Marmarosh Mts., near Lug vill., bank of Kuziy (Kizi) stream, 400m 18.V.2015, Panin R. leg. L= 4.5 mm
Copyright © Ruslan Panin
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type sp. Carabus rubens Fabricins sensu Clairville, 1806 (Carabus quadristriatus Schrank, 1781)
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