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Genus Lesticus Dejean, 1828: 189

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Lesticus (Triplogenius) nubilus Tschitscherine, 1900
Lesticus (Triplogenius) nubilus Tschitscherine, 1900
Male adult

length: 26 mm
Thailand, Khao Lak
leg. U.Schmidt, 2007; det. M.Baehr, 2008

Copyright © U.Schmidt
Lesticus (Triplogenius) finisterrae Will & Kavanaugh, 2012
Lesticus (Triplogenius) finisterrae Will & Kavanaugh, 2012 Holotype
Male adult
“PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Madang/Morobe Province border, Finisterre Range, Teptep area, 3.5 air km WNW of Kewieng No.4 village, 3050 m, 28 March 1989 stop #89-50// D. H. Kavanaugh, G. E. Ball & N. D. Penny collectors, Cal. Acad. Sci. Specimen//Papua New Guinea Expedition – 1989// California Academy of Sciences Type No. 18684//HOLOTYPE Lesticus finisterrae Will & Kavanaugh [red label]”. Deposited CASC.
Copyright © Kipling W. Will
Lesticus (Triplogenius) cupreatus Heller, 1923
Lesticus (Triplogenius) cupreatus Heller, 1923
Male adult
Philippinen, Palawan Island, Mt. „The Teeth“, 1400 m, CDW
Copyright ©
Lesticus (Triplogenius) lombokensis Kirschenhofer, 2007
Lesticus (Triplogenius) lombokensis Kirschenhofer, 2007 Holotype
Female adult
Lombok, Pasz L., 1.12.2003, leg. Y. Yokoi (ZSM). Image from KIRSCHENHOFER, 2007
Copyright © Kirschenhofer
Lesticus (Triplogenius) torajaensis Kirschenhofer, 2007
Lesticus (Triplogenius) torajaensis Kirschenhofer, 2007 Holotype
Female adult
Indonesia, Südsulawesi, Toraja Land, 1000 m, Rantepao Puncak, 21.-22.2.94, Oehlke” (CDW). 20 mm. Image from KIRSCHENHOFER, 2007
Copyright © Kirschenhofer
Lesticus (Triplogenius) mouhoti (Chaudoir, 1868)
Lesticus (Triplogenius) mouhoti (Chaudoir, 1868)
Female adult
Laos, Luangphabang prov., Mt. Phou Phakhao, Namtap vill. 7-11.6.2010. det. E. Kirschenhofer
Copyright © Erich Kirschenhofer
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type sp. Lesticus janthinus Dejean, 1828
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