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Catascopus (Catascopus) elegans (Weber, 1801)

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Catascopus (Catascopus) elegans (Weber, 1801)
Catascopus (Catascopus) elegans (Weber, 1801)
Male imago
CHINA, Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Mengla, Nanping;
2009.V.12; Li H. & Yang X.S. coll.; alt:765m;
photo & det. Shi; Scale=5.0mm
Copyright © Hongliang Shi
Catascopus (Catascopus) elegans philippinus Baehr, 2012
Catascopus (Catascopus) elegans philippinus Baehr, 2012 Paratype
Female imago
Luzon (NMPC)
Copyright © Anichtchenko
Catascopus (Catascopus) elegans viridans Baehr, 2012
Countries and regions
Andaman isl., Australia, Myanmar (Burma), China (Fujian; Yunnan), Indonesia (Papua; Sulawesi), India (Sikkim, Darjeeling), Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon ils
Weber, 1801: 45 as Elaphrus
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