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Genus Synuchus Gyllenhal, 1810: 77

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Synuchus (Synuchus) nitidus Motschulsky, 1861
Synuchus (Synuchus) nitidus Motschulsky, 1861
Male adult
Kunashiri Isl., Stolbovskie Springs south of Stolbchaty Cape 44°00'26"N 145°40'59"E h~42 23.VIII.2008 leg.I.Melnik
Copyright © Kirill Makarov
Synuchus melantho (Bates, 1883)
Synuchus melantho (Bates, 1883)
Male adult
det. K. Makarov
Copyright © Kirill Makarov
Crepidactyla Motschulsky, 1861a 4 type sp. Crepidactyla nitida Motschulsky, 1861
Fuerthius Jedlicka, 1953a: 106 type sp. Pristodactyla cyclodera Bates, 1873
Parcalathus Jedlicka, 1953a: 105 type sp. Parcalathus testaceus Jedlicka, 1940
Pristodactyla Dejean, 1828: 82 type sp. Pristodactyla americana Dejean, 1828 (Feronia impunctata Say, 1823)
Semenovia Jedlicka, 1953a: 107 type sp. Calathus pseudomorphus Semenov, 1889
Taphria Dejean, 1821: 10 type sp. Carabus vivalis Illiger, 1798
Calathosynuchus Habu, 1978a: 318 type sp. Synuchus amamioshimae Habu, 1978
Diplosaccus Habu, 1978a: 318 type sp. Synuchus augusticeps Tanaka, 1962
Synochus Agassiz, 1847
Crepidodactyla Jacobson, 1907
Parasynuchus Habu, 1955
Countries and regions
type sp. Carabus vivalis Illiger, 1798
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