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Subfamily Scaritinae Bonelli, 1810

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Clivina (Clivina) fossor fossor (Linnaeus, 1758)
Clivina (Clivina) fossor fossor (Linnaeus, 1758)
Male imago
L=5,3 mm
RUSSIA, Moscow city, SW distr., Jasenevo, Bitcevskiy les, under tree. 19.V.2000
leg., det., photo - Vlasenko A. S.
Copyright © Vlasenko
Setodyschirius zonatus (Putzeys, 1868)
Setodyschirius zonatus (Putzeys, 1868) Holotype
Male imago

Copyright © Bulirsch
Caledyschirius monteithi Bulirsch, 2010
Caledyschirius monteithi Bulirsch, 2010 Holotype
Male imago
New Caledonia 8639 / 21°45´S x 166°09´E/ Ningua Res camp, 1100 m / 12-13 Nov 2001. C Burwell / G Monteith. Pyr. trees, logs, (MNHN).
Copyright © Bulirsch
Caledyschirius baehri Bulirsch, 2010
Caledyschirius baehri Bulirsch, 2010 Holotype
Female imago
New Caledonia 11163/ 21°22´S x 165°20´E. 1400 m/ Me
Maoya, nr summit./ 12 Nov 2002. Burwell &/ Monteith. pyreth, trees & logs, (MNHN).
Copyright © Bulirsch
Brachypelus obesus Putzeys, 1866
Brachypelus obesus Putzeys, 1866 Lectotype
Male imago
Lectotype labelled: handwritten „obesus/ Putz./ Madagasc. Type”// printed
„Type// Ex. Musaeo/ Mniszech// Museum Paris// Lectotypus/ Brachypelus/ obesus Putzeys,
1866/ P. Bulirsch des. 2009”, (MNHN).
Copyright © Bulirsch
Dyschirius (Dyschiriodes) yezoensis Bates, 1883: 223Dyschirius (Dyschirius) obscurus (Gyllenhal, 1827)
Dyschirius (Dyschirius) obscurus (Gyllenhal, 1827)
Female imago
Voronezh Reg., Gribanovo Distr., Tellerman, right bank of Khoper River 18.VIII.2010 leg. A.Zaitsev
L=3.5 mm
Copyright © Makarov
Cribrodyschirius dostalianus Bulirsch, 2013
Cribrodyschirius dostalianus Bulirsch, 2013 Holotype
Male imago
Zambia C/ 100-140km NE of Kapiri/ Mposhi, ATB Lodge env./ 15.xii.2004/ Snížek, Tichý leg., (Alexander Dostal, private collection).
2,57 mm
Copyright © Petr Bulirsch
Asioreicheia chinensis (Bulirsch, Magrini & Jia, 2013)
Asioreicheia chinensis (Bulirsch, Magrini & Jia, 2013) Holotype
Male imago
CHINA: Guangdong prov. / [MF16]; W of Qixing, 1–3.v. / 2011; Heishiding nat. res. / 23°27.9′N 111°54.3′E, 190– / 260m / Fikáček & Hájek lgt. sifting of moist leaf litter in the dried-up streambeds and along the streams in the primary lowland forest (NMPC)
Copyright © Petr Bulirsch
Clivina (Clivina) montei Kult, 1959
Clivina (Clivina) montei Kult, 1959
Male imago
Kenya, Tsavo National Park, Voi Lodge, 550 m, leg. U.Schmidt, 25.XI.1991; det. P.Bulirsch, 2011
Photo: U.Schmidt, 2013
Size: 5,5 mm
Copyright © Udo Schmidt
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