Carabidae Carabidae of the World

Genus Abacoleptus Fauvel, 1903

Abacoleptus carinatus Fauvel, 1903
Abacoleptus carinatus Fauvel, 1903
Male imago
Col D'Amieu (New Caledonia)
From the collection of the Essig Museum of Entomology
Specimen No. EMEC60972.
Copyright © Kipling Will (Essig and Berkeley Natural History Museums)
Copyright © Will
Abacoleptus curtus Will, 2011
Abacoleptus curtus Will, 2011 Holotype
Male imago
(EMEC80970), “NEW CALEDONIA 8715, 21 11Sx165 19E, Aoupinie, top camp, 2-3Nov2001, C.Burwell, G.Monteith, hand collect”,
deposited MNHN.
Copyright © Kipling W. Will
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